Monday, February 15, 2010

New Year, New Do

Not too much exciting has happened since the start of the new year for us. We've had a lot of cold, rainy, and sometimes even snowy days, so we've been stuck in doors most days and trying to go to different indoor places to play (more on those later!)

However, I had (reluctantly) promised Daddy that after Christmas we would schedule the Z-man's first haircut. Most of us didn't think his hair really called for it yet, but Daddy has been begging for it since his birthday.

I found this place called Tiki Cuts for Kids on my friend Dana's blog she took her little cutir J.Hogan for his first cut and decided we'd give it a try, too.

Here is a "before" shot. See-NOT that bad, but getting a little long in the back.

The first cut!!

Zachary was so busy occupied with the car,
I don't think he even realized he was getting his hair cut.

There's his neck!

Big boy hair. Mommy likes it. And Daddy is pleased.
Zachary...well, he has no clue.
But we have a lock of his hair to remind him one day of his first hair cut!