Wednesday, October 28, 2009


A few weekends ago, one of my friends from college came to Chattanooga to take Zachary's 1 year pictures. (A little late, but we had to reschedule twice-once, because a leak, and another because of rain). Anyway, Starla has really taken off in her photography business since college and I was just so glad she was willing to make the trip out to Chattanooga to come take pictures of my baby! We were also very excited to get to go out to our friends, the Parker's, house to do these pictures. This is the same location Kyle and I had our engagement pictures, so this was pretty special for us. Here are a few of the sneak peeks!

We hadn't really intended to stay at the fountain, but once he saw all the water he was pretty excited to get to play in it! Thankfully we had packed several changes of clothes!! There are some great ones on the site that show just how wet he ended up getting!

One of the special things we did in this shoot was try to capture some of his Daddy's career. We had just gotten this police motorcycle the day before, so Zachary was pretty enthralled with it! He is pretty stinkin cute wearing his Daddy's uniform shirt in this one, but I must admit he looks a little like Harry Potter, too!
My blue-eyed boy! I always wanted blue eyes growing up. I'm glad both my Mom and Kyle's Mom were able to pass this on to him! (BTW, this is one of the very few shots of him being still! Poor Starla! I tried to warn her that he was VERY active!)

The leaves weren't quite to the BEAUTIFUL point of changing yet, but we did manage to get this shot. Again, I have no idea how! As soon as he threw those leaves he took off running again!

Don't you love the pout?! It was definitely past his nap time at this point, but I really wanted some in his dressy clothes, too.

If you'd like to see the rest of the pictures from the shoot, please visit:
Once you are there, click on "Proofing." Then go to "Search" and type Zachary Moses. The password is Moses, and it is case sensitive.
Let me know what you think, because this Momma sure is going to have a hard time deciding which ones to buy! Be sure to check out some of Starla's other work while you are there!

Monday, October 26, 2009


There's one thing I love about the Internet and Facebook and that is being able to re-connect with so many old friends. Growing up a preacher's kid of an Englishman and a girl from South Texas, I have moved to my fair share of places in my short little life. So it is nice to know how all these people are who I've wondered about for all these years.

But then I get on their Facebook pages. And I see, nothing has really changed. Most of them are still single. Most of them have not pursued a respectful career. Not that these are the things that are the most important....Several have kids (that were born while they were in high school or to Daddies who are not their husbands)...and that they are letting other people raise for them. They are still spending their time drinking, and partying, and "living it up." Woo-hoo. And I look at these pictures and wonder how I was ever jealous of these "pretty" people. What have they made of their lives? What do they have to show-at nearly 30 years old? That they are out doing the same things they did in middle school?! I just feel sorry for these people now. I'm sorry that they were not lucky enough to grow up in a loving, Christian home like mine, whose parents taught them right from wrong, even if it wasn't the "cool" thing at the time. I'm sorry they were not taught to make goals and do something important with their lives. I'm sorry that despite how many people they have watched die from accidents of drinking and driving, drugs, and etc. that they spend the majority of their time engaging in these activities. I'm sorry their life doesn't have a Higher meaning, a Higher purpose.

And I look at their lives, and it makes me so thankful for mine now.

Boo at the Zoo!

Friday night Kyle, MomMommy, and I took Zachary to Chattanooga's Boo at the Zoo. This was actually Zachary's first trip to the zoo (I know it's a shame, we have one 20 minutes from our house and are just NOW going...) Anyway, Daddy didn't get to stay the whole time because of work, but while he was there we used him to take some pictures of Zachary's first trip!

For Boo at the Zoo, kids come to tour the zoo, but there are also crafts, games, and prizes going on. Most kids wear their costumes, but we didn't bother with that! And since Zachary is a little too young to participate in any of the games, we just went around to each zoo exhibit. While visiting each exhibit, you were to locate the character there to get a letter to a puzzle they gave you at the entrance. They also gave out candy!

Zachary's favorite part of this was when he got to get out at the petting zoo area and pet the goats. I was worried he would be afraid of them, especially if they started to nibble! But he LOVED them!

He even wanted to give them sugars! But since they wouldnt be still for that, he just blew them some instead!

We ended our trip at the zoo with a ride on the carousel. Zachary was so cute. He even gave the dollar to the man at the cashier! He wasn't sure what to think at first, and almost seemed scared for a second, but enjoyed it when it got going!

We really enjoyed Boo at the Zoo, and hope to make this a yearly thing...well, at least while he is young enough to enjoy it!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Z Didn't Start the Fire!

Zachary went on his first "field trip" today to visit The Chattanooga Fire Department, Firehall #8. Zachary's Grandpa Moses was employed by the City for 30 years as a Fire Captain before retiring in December 2007. This was the last firehall he worked at.

Thank you, Firehall #8 for letting my little boy come play today!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Playing with the Boys

Last Friday Kyle took the night off so he could work a late extra job (and get paid double!). So we invited cousin Matthew over for the evening so his Mommy and Daddy could go out on a date. We started the evening with dinner: chicken fingers, french fries (Zachary's favorite), corn (Matthew's favorite), and peaches. After dinner we left everything on the table so we could rush to the playground to get some quality playtime in before dark!

It is great because we live in walking distance of the Elementary school we are zoned for. There are lots of slides, things to climb up and down, and lots of space to run! And at nightime we don't have to worry about any big kids getting in the way!!

It is so great that these two can play more now that Zachary just gets about anywhere he wants to. It will be even more interesting once Zachary starts talking bunches (that is, bunches that we can understand ;)

Don't worry, I caught him at the bottom!

After about an hour of heavy playing, we gave the boys the option to go to THE Sonic for some ice cream, but Matthew decided on a wagon ride around the neighborhood instead. Zachary really didn't get a say, but if he couldv'e, I'm positive he wouldv'e picked the wagon, too. Every time we go outside, it is the FIRST thing he goes to.

We ended the evening with the boys first bathtime together! SO CUTE! We had to clean their grubby little paws...I mean, their lightly soiled bodies. Zachary enjoyed having a bathmate!

I hope these two grow up to be the BEST of friends, just like their Daddies are. =)