Monday, October 26, 2009


There's one thing I love about the Internet and Facebook and that is being able to re-connect with so many old friends. Growing up a preacher's kid of an Englishman and a girl from South Texas, I have moved to my fair share of places in my short little life. So it is nice to know how all these people are who I've wondered about for all these years.

But then I get on their Facebook pages. And I see, nothing has really changed. Most of them are still single. Most of them have not pursued a respectful career. Not that these are the things that are the most important....Several have kids (that were born while they were in high school or to Daddies who are not their husbands)...and that they are letting other people raise for them. They are still spending their time drinking, and partying, and "living it up." Woo-hoo. And I look at these pictures and wonder how I was ever jealous of these "pretty" people. What have they made of their lives? What do they have to show-at nearly 30 years old? That they are out doing the same things they did in middle school?! I just feel sorry for these people now. I'm sorry that they were not lucky enough to grow up in a loving, Christian home like mine, whose parents taught them right from wrong, even if it wasn't the "cool" thing at the time. I'm sorry they were not taught to make goals and do something important with their lives. I'm sorry that despite how many people they have watched die from accidents of drinking and driving, drugs, and etc. that they spend the majority of their time engaging in these activities. I'm sorry their life doesn't have a Higher meaning, a Higher purpose.

And I look at their lives, and it makes me so thankful for mine now.

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