Monday, October 5, 2009

Playing with the Boys

Last Friday Kyle took the night off so he could work a late extra job (and get paid double!). So we invited cousin Matthew over for the evening so his Mommy and Daddy could go out on a date. We started the evening with dinner: chicken fingers, french fries (Zachary's favorite), corn (Matthew's favorite), and peaches. After dinner we left everything on the table so we could rush to the playground to get some quality playtime in before dark!

It is great because we live in walking distance of the Elementary school we are zoned for. There are lots of slides, things to climb up and down, and lots of space to run! And at nightime we don't have to worry about any big kids getting in the way!!

It is so great that these two can play more now that Zachary just gets about anywhere he wants to. It will be even more interesting once Zachary starts talking bunches (that is, bunches that we can understand ;)

Don't worry, I caught him at the bottom!

After about an hour of heavy playing, we gave the boys the option to go to THE Sonic for some ice cream, but Matthew decided on a wagon ride around the neighborhood instead. Zachary really didn't get a say, but if he couldv'e, I'm positive he wouldv'e picked the wagon, too. Every time we go outside, it is the FIRST thing he goes to.

We ended the evening with the boys first bathtime together! SO CUTE! We had to clean their grubby little paws...I mean, their lightly soiled bodies. Zachary enjoyed having a bathmate!

I hope these two grow up to be the BEST of friends, just like their Daddies are. =)

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