Monday, October 26, 2009

Boo at the Zoo!

Friday night Kyle, MomMommy, and I took Zachary to Chattanooga's Boo at the Zoo. This was actually Zachary's first trip to the zoo (I know it's a shame, we have one 20 minutes from our house and are just NOW going...) Anyway, Daddy didn't get to stay the whole time because of work, but while he was there we used him to take some pictures of Zachary's first trip!

For Boo at the Zoo, kids come to tour the zoo, but there are also crafts, games, and prizes going on. Most kids wear their costumes, but we didn't bother with that! And since Zachary is a little too young to participate in any of the games, we just went around to each zoo exhibit. While visiting each exhibit, you were to locate the character there to get a letter to a puzzle they gave you at the entrance. They also gave out candy!

Zachary's favorite part of this was when he got to get out at the petting zoo area and pet the goats. I was worried he would be afraid of them, especially if they started to nibble! But he LOVED them!

He even wanted to give them sugars! But since they wouldnt be still for that, he just blew them some instead!

We ended our trip at the zoo with a ride on the carousel. Zachary was so cute. He even gave the dollar to the man at the cashier! He wasn't sure what to think at first, and almost seemed scared for a second, but enjoyed it when it got going!

We really enjoyed Boo at the Zoo, and hope to make this a yearly thing...well, at least while he is young enough to enjoy it!

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