Thursday, February 26, 2009

An Unplanned Trip

Last night we got to go on an unplanned trip. Zachary has not been sleeping well lately & when I put him to bed last night all I was hoping for was a decent nights sleep. Well on my 3rd trip back to his room about 1:45 I noticed he sounded wheezy and felt warm. Sure enough he was running a 102.3 fever. Kyle got home from work about this time so we called the Dr. And he wanted to get him checked out considering his symptoms & the time of night it was. So about 2:30 off we trot to TC Thompson Childrens Hospital. By the time we got checked in his fever had already come down, almost back to normal thanks to Tylonel. After what seemed liked forever (maybe it was) the Dr came in & diagnosed it as croup. Apparently the cold I developed the previous day spread an infection in him and got him sick. :( It's an awful feeling knowing you got your baby sick! Z had to take a dose of steriods and then we were allowed to come home once they were sure it had stayed down. He was so good during all of poking, prodding, and examining. He even started motorboating to the Dr. and trying to take away his stethascope! We finally got home about 6:15 this morning. Hopefully my little baby will be feeling better soon!

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Stephanie said...

So sorry for your night. Glad that all is well, though, and hope that he gets even better soon!!!