Monday, February 23, 2009

A Whole New World

Well, Z turned 6 months a few weeks ago so we decided he was ready to try solid food. He was already taking rice cereal really well, so we got out the bowls, spoons, BIBS, and most importantly the CAMERAS and introduced Zachary to the exciting new world of baby food!

We decided his first food should be a veggie, but we didn't want to scare him by giving him something blatantly strong (you'll see why later!) so we compromised with sweet potatoes. As you can see, he was not real thrilled with it the first day, but by day 2 he was eating them pretty well.

We tried pears next and he liked those okay, doing better with those now. Then we tried carrots. Z LOVED carrots--I think the pictures say it all!

Yummy! Love those carrots--just like his Mommy! We've also tried peaches (not crazy about them) and then came the peas....Oh My. Mommy was at work the first day he tried them and this is what I missed...
He HATED the peas, as you can see. I think the tears were in part that he was tired and ready for a nap and then Daddy gave him these nasty green things....So, we've since tried them again, thankfully withOUT the tears, but not with much success. He refuses to swallow them! He will just store them in his mouth and then he'll sneeze and spray it out everywhere. So we are going to have to try hiding them in other foods. I can't blame him though, I really only like peas if they are hidden in my mashed potatoes.
We tried bananas over the weekend and he liked those pretty well. We are trying squash today. We'll see how that goes....In other news, my Mom bought me a Food Processor so I can make Z his own food, so I am hoping to make some carrots tonight for him!

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Stephanie said...

Good to see you again!! I noticed you were following our blog - I am putting you down to follow, as well. Keep up the good work - I'll keep reading!!!