Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Experiences

On Vacation, Zachary got to try several new things for the first time. Some are just small snippets, but I still want to have memories of them, so I’m writing them down.

On Sunday after Zachary’s wonderfully long nap, we decided to try the kiddy pool again. I’ve been to lots of resorts growing up, but let me say that this resort (Plantation Villas in Surfside Beach, SC) has one of the best kiddy pool areas I’ve ever seen! Normally there is always a small kiddy pool right next to the big outdoor pools, but at this one the kiddy pool was completely by itself. They had one big pool that started at 6 inches and eventually graduated to 18 inches, perfect for little babies. Across the way was a great set-up for kids Matthews age. They had all sorts of gadgets and gizmos that sprayed and dumped water over an area that was about a foot deep of water. Then, in between and around ALL of this was the lazy river, my personal paradise for the week. It was 3 feet deep and they provided tubes for you to float around in it. Well, Zachary loved the water-it was like a glorified bathtub for him! He spent some time splashing, some time floating in his tube, and we even took a spin on the lazy river with him (also a great nap-inducer!) Seriously, can someone come build me a lazy river in my backyard?!

Down at the kiddy pool area.

Just floatin' in the water!

Kevin, Jamie, and me floating in the lazy river.
Monday night was another night full of new experiences for Zachary. We met up with some of Grandpas friends who were also on vacation in Myrtle Beach at a restaurant called Thorny’s. The food there was great and we let Zachary try his first French fry, which of course he LOVED. Also, this place had a separate play area in the restaurant, which Jamie and I quickly called on the Daddies to take the boys to play while we waited for our food. Why doesn’t every restaurant have one of these?! When we went to go tell them dinner was ready, I found Zachary playing with a big truck! I couldn’t believe he was big enough to play with something like that! Well, guess what Daddy went and bought him that night? You guessed it! He loves his new toy!

Playing with his truck in front of those mirrors!

After dinner, Kyle, Zachary, Grandpa and I went to Dunkin Donuts to get sandwiches, I mean, donuts. While we were waiting, we walked around the store which had all sorts of games and play areas, kinda like a mini arcade or sorts. I walked passed one of those quarter pony rides and thought, I wonder if Zachary would like this? So I popped in a quarter and put him on to try. Wish I would’ve had about 20 more quarters because this boy loved it! We rode it twice! And he looked like such a big boy sitting up there, it made me sad. I thought I would need to hold onto him the whole time, but he held onto the handle all by himself, no problems. It just made me realize that he is really growing up quickly, and no longer a little baby who needs me for everything anymore. :(

He looks so serious, but I promise he was having a blast!

Not really a new experience, but always an experience, Zachary cut a tooth on vacation. I believe it was Sunday night, the night after all those GREAT naps. He went down no problem but then woke up after about an hour just wailing. We went in a few times and loved on him and after about the 3rd time gave him some Motrin and Orajel (we weren’t sure if it was his gums, but it was worth a try). Well, we didn’t hear from him the rest of the night, but in the morning we found a new tooth. So, I guess you could say that cutting a tooth without loss of sleep was a new experience…for Mommy and Daddy!

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