Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted...

I am finally back to blogging again…after a week away at the beach! Last Fall, Kyle’s Mom and Dad decided to take the whole family on a vacation together and we decided to head to the beach! We wanted to go to Charleston, SC, but were unable to find a condo available, so we found one at Myrtle Beach and decided that was close enough!

We left last Friday morning and traveled half of the way to North Augusta, conveniently where my Mom and Dad live. So it worked out perfectly to break our trip up by staying there for the night, and of course my Mom and Dad were thrilled to see Zachary. He was very excited to be out of the car for awhile and was right away busy crawling and seeing what fun new things he could get into. That night we had a traditional English roast lamb for dinner, which we don’t get very often because I don’t know how to cook it. After dinner we had one CRANKY baby because Zachary is not a very good car sleeper and therefore had not slept much throughout the day. He went down to bed no problem in the pack-and-play, but woke up after 45 minutes just screaming. I think he was scared because he didn’t know where he was (or teething, or a combination of both). So we played the cry-it-out, go in and reassure game for about 45 minutes and finally he went back to sleep (and thankfully slept ALL night after that!) I was so worried he would not sleep good on this trip after we were sleeping so good at home. Unfortunately, Mommy and Daddy slept horribly (my Mom and Dads guest bed is just NOT big enough for the two of us!). But, my mom had fixed her delicious coffee cake for breakfast in the morning, so it was all good! Then it was back on the road again and straight on until Myrtle Beach! (Well, minus a few gas, lunch, and diaper changing stops).

Zachary driving to the beach!

We checked into our resort Saturday afternoon and again, Zachary was ready to get out of the car and play! He was quite enthralled with the sliding door mirrors on our closet and that kept him busy until everyone else arrived! He was sooo glad to see his Grandpa and Mom-Mommy, I think it made him feel more secure about the new place. By the time everyone got settled in, Matthew was ready to hit the pool, so we took the boys down to the kiddy pool to splash around before dinner. Unfortunately, Zachary was not so ready to go…he was SO sleepy. He just cried and cried, so we came back up and Mom-Mommy was able to rock him to sleep and buddy, he crashed! We eventually had to wake him up for dinner (and so he would sleep that night—which he did ALL night, no problems. Hooray!)

Our resort-it was wonderful to go out back in the mornings and see all the geese and turtles in the morning-so relaxing!
Our bedroom at the resort. Did someone say jacuzzi?
Sunday morning we were all very tired, especially the babies, so we decided to have a devotional worship at the resort (we had bought crackers and juice at the store). It was probably a good idea we stayed in, too, because apparently Zachary did not get enough sleep and took a 3 hour morning nap! Wow! What a great start to vacation!

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