Monday, May 11, 2009

My "In Between" Day

Today I'm celebrating my "in between" day, that is, the day between Mother's Day (my first!) and my Birthday. My birthday has always fallen at a great time of year because it was never combined with Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any other holiday. Well, that is until this year. Fortunately because of leap year, my birthday never actually falls ON Mother's Day, but it has always been around it. I used to say I was my mom's Mother's Day gift.

Yesterday Kyle was supposed to work, but he used a pay day so that he could be with us all day for my first Mother's Day. I got cards from Zachary and Kyle in the morning before church, and Zachary presented me (okay, well Kyle AND Zachary) with my gift. Daddy had very bravely taken Zachary and had him make his handprint on a canvas and added the following poem to it for me:

"My Handprints"
My little hands play patty-cake.
They peek-a-boo and wave.
They catch me while I learn to walk,
And splash me as I bathe.
My little hands reach up to you
For hugs before I sleep,
And fold together when I pray,
"The Lord my soul to keep."
My little hands are tiny now,
But yours will serve to guide me.
And when I'm grown I'll still reach out
And know you're right beside me.


Zachary and Mommy on Mother's Day

After Sunday worship and Bible class, we went over to Mom-mommy's house for a big family Mother's Day lunch of grilled burgers, baked beans, macaroni casserole, and homemade strawberry ice cream--YUM! (The burgers were Mom-Mommys choice). After lunch Zachary was in very much need of a nap so we came home.

Also, Mother's Day marked 3 years ago we took home our two, precious and crazy kitties. Can't believe they've been part of the family for so long!

Cinnamon and Sugar, the night we brought them home. (Mother's Day 2006).

Well, today for my in between day, we had a busy day full of appointments and spending lots of money (unfortunately). I had a check-up Doctors appointment this morning and after that we went and dished out some of our savings to buy a new stove, because our oven part quit working a few weeks ago. :( Then we headed to HH Gregg where we bought the exact same stove we had when we lived in Texas, so we already know we like it. Then it was to Babies R Us to buy a 2nd car seat for the Civic, some things for our beach vacation, and baby gates because SOMEONE is CRAWLING now.

Zachary, crawling after his kitties. He hasn't caught them yet.

After that we grabbed a quick bie of lunch at Steak -N- Shake and rushed to Zachary's 9-month check-up appointment. And, YEA!, no shots today! Although, he did have to have his finger pricked to check levels in his blood which was absolutely NO fun and Zachary was NOT happy to wear a bandaid on his finger, even for a few minutes. (BTW, his blood was fine). Zachary now weighs 20 pounds even and is 28.5 inches long, average in height and weight. Everything checked out great, so hopefully we don't go back until after he turns 1 year old!

We'll see what tomorrow holds in store for my birthday (besides getting older!)

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