Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What I've Been Waiting For...

Today I got something I've been waiting my whole life for...Zachary's first word! And it was...Drumroll please....MAMA! (What else did you think it would be, Dada?!) I had just picked him up from spending the day at his grandparents and he just started babbling like crazy! He has been a big talker for a while now, but not so much with the babbling. Then all of a sudden, we heard it: "Mamamamama!" Of course as soon as I got in the car I had to call Daddy and brag, and then next important was to update my Facebook status (of course!) and share with the world my wonderful news. Now, mind you he hasn't said it again tonight, but that is beside the point! It was definitely the best Mother's Day/Birthday present he could have ever given me...music to my ears!

Speaking of music to my ears, I am looking into signing Zachary up for Kindermusik this fall as part of his birthday present. Kindermusik is a great program that introduces children to music at all stages of early life, and involves Mommy (or whoever wants to tag along with baby). I got a coupon to try a free class, so we are planning on going at the end of the month when the summer session starts up. My best friend does Kindermusik with her 2 year-old and they love it. So, hopefully I will have nothing but good to say about our preview class later this month!

In other Zachary news, I think he is ready to be weaned....off of baby food! (No, I am not ready to wean him off of me just yet!) He is getting very good at eating all sorts of finger foods I have given him over the last week: bread, pasta noodles, green beans, more bread, Cheerios, and did I mention bread? But by far, his favorite was PANCAKES. Over the weekend I made some and thought I'd let him try it after he'd already finished his oatmeal and fruit. Buddy, he GOBBLED those pancakes bites up! So I think we will be taking up stock in Bisquick soon!

Eating some "O's."

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Kyle Moses said...

I'm proud of my little buddy and his Mamamamamamamamamama for working so well and diligently with him. I love you both.