Tuesday, March 16, 2010

He Speaks!

I know, I am the worst blogger ever. Actually, just really bad during the Winter. I guess I'm just too bummed about the crummy weather this year to write much during that time.

Anyway, back to what you're here for...Zachary news! Zachary has been a slow to speak kid so far...and not in the Biblical sense. At his 18 month check-up last month, I was so frustrated that he wasn't talking that we brought up our concerns to Dr. Burton (who is expecting her first child this Fall!). I mean, we knew he wasn't stupid, because the child understood EVERYTHING we said to him, he just was not communicating back to us much with words. Well, whadda you know, right after that appointment, where she assured us he would start speaking in no time, he did. He is up to about 30-40 words now! Among his favorites are: clock, moon, dog, BALL, Mo (Elmo, of course!), hot, gone, God, and Bible. The last 2 make a Momma super proud!

Zachary is already attempting to become our little church leader. He is constantly singing-and leading it from his songbook (which consists of anything from his Bible to the phonebook.) At church he leads singing throughout the whole service sometimes. I think he is just about ready to take over upfront! He also is like the prayer Nazi and if we are praying and people around us do not fold their hands and bow, he will give you THE look. Silly boy!

Zachary now has 16 teeth and is a very active little boy! He loves his balls (the toy ones...well, yeah, all of them), LOVES Elmo still, LOVES his "Frog" & "Monkey," loves to read, sing, and play with cars..and of course makes the Vroom Vroom sound with it! He loves sleepovers at MomMommy & Brapaw's house ( a BIG MomMommy's boy) and play days with Memaw & Papa. He also REALLY loves to play outside when it is warm enough. Last week we bought him a swingset for his birthday. Sure, it's 5 months away, but he doesn't know that! This way we will have it for use all summer...that is, if Daddy ever gets it put up! Just kidding, hon! I will post pictures when that does happen!

Zachary's favorite foods are chicken (with ketchup), FRENCH FRIES, spaghetti, Nilla Wafers, Goldfish, bananas, pudding, and just about any type of breakfast food, especially EGGS! Oh, and he will also FINALLY drink juice (watered down, of course.)

That about does it on the Zachary update...until next time, here are some fun pictures to leave you with you.

Uhh...someone's a little gassy!! TeeHee!


Cousin lunch date at the BK.

There he is: our little song leader! And yes, that is the phone book.

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Jamie said...

Hey, we go to Dr Burton too! SHe is THE BEST!!! We definately need to get together sometime!! Z is adoeable as always!