Monday, March 22, 2010


This is the first letter my child has learned. Don't know where or how he has learned it, but he can and WILL spot an "O" anywhere we are! I made this discovery a few weeks ago right before bathtime... We got this stepstool for Zachary a few months ago to assist at toothbrushing time. On this particular day, he proceeded to pick it up and bring it to me (as he often does, because then he gets on it and jumps off!). Then he pointed at the little yellow "o" by the big "C" and said it- "OHHHHH." I thought that was totally random and had no clue how he could've randomly pointed to that and said it, but then he pointed to the other "o" between the A and B Elmo's and I knew he knew!

So now anywhere we go, he is pointing out "ohhhh's" for us. Passing the Food Lion- "Ohhhh." On the cereal box-"Ohhhh." On the Dora plate-"Ohhhh."

My child is learning letters. WOW!

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