Thursday, October 9, 2008

Getting started...

Well, this is my umpteenth attempt to start a blog for our family. It seems that every time I try, the computer goes whacko or I get busy with something else...Anyway, I shall do my best. :)

I am wanting to keep this blog for others to read about our baby boy Zachary and how he is growing, as well as the other events in our busy lives. I am also wanting to keep it, somewhat selfishly, so that I have a record of Zachary's childhood. Like I said, I have tried to do this a few times, with no such luck. I am not ANY good at journaling, but maybe since I am better at getting on the Internet, this will be more successful. :)

So, Zachary turned 2 months old yesterday! I can't believe it! He is growing like a weed (11 lbs. 9 oz.) and is changing every day. He loves to smile (esp. when he's nursing) and really enjoys "talking" with us now. But he has the best conversations with his Grandma...I wonder what they are saying sometimes! He is sleeping pretty well most nights, only waking up once to eat. There have even been a few nights of 7-8 hours straight without waking, which has been awesome, but almost a little scary, too! We took Zachary on his first outing to downtown Chattown this past weekend and he did pretty well. He got to go on a nice long stroller ride, and we even went over the bridge where Kyle asked me to marry him! Too bad we didn't know that night was the "Wine Over Water" in Chattanooga! Needless to say, we didn't stay up there too long!

I have started back to work in the last few weeks, working 2 days a week for now. It is hard, mainly being away from my baby. But I am at least grateful that I am not having to be gone 5 days a week teaching! And Zachary is getting to spend quality time with his grandparents, something I wish I could have had growing up.

Kyle is really enjoying his job as a Chattanooga City Police Officer. He is still riding with another cop, but will start on his own, on a permanant shift, on the 24th. We are very excited, but also anxious, to see what shift he will be on. Right now he is on 3rd, which has been very tiring on me, as I'm the only one home at night with Zachary.

The other members of the family, aka, the kitties, Cinnamon and Sugar, I believe are finally adjusting to life with their baby brother. In fact, I think they love him, although they still don't get too close to him (at least when we're looking. I have seen them trying to get a quick peek!)

Well, that is an update on our lives for now. I will do my best to keep this updated regularly!

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Amy said...

I'm so happy to hear that you are nursing! :) Yay!
I hope to see you soon and meet Mr. Zachary!
Amy White