Monday, August 3, 2009

A Deep Breath & Baby Steps

So, I have failed again as a Blogger and gotten WAY behind. Don't say I didn't warn you!!! But with the BIG birthday approaching, I know I will KICK myself later if I do not capture these precious moments before they pass me by.

So, last week I'm at work when Kyle calls and says, "Guess what Zachary just did?" And not even thinking I'm like, "What?" "He took 2 steps all by himself!"


Didn't he know he was NOT supposed to tell me that?! Isn't there a Daddy manual somewhere that says that you do NOT just tell a Mommy she missed the beginning of a MAJOR milestone in a childs life, and when the baby does it later in front of her, you act like THAT was the first time?! Huh?!

Anyway, I was kinda crushed the rest of the day. But at the same time, I'm glad his Daddy was there to see it (and his Papa Wilkerson) and not just some stranger at a daycare. Luckily for Kyle, Zachary delighted us again by taking another TWO WHOLE STEPS ON HIS OWN!

Thankfully, he has not just started taking flight after that, and has only taken some here and there. I'm glad he is taking his time, because this Mommy is NOT ready to let her baby grow up so fast!
Okay, so this is NOT the day he took his first steps...but you can at least see him standing by his big boy self!

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