Monday, August 3, 2009

Little Red Wagon

A few weeks ago, Kyle and I took Zachary shopping for his first birthday. WHAT?! How did this happen already?! Anyway...we had kinda been looking around at different places and things over the last few weeks and had basically decided to get him something he could use outside so that we could do more outside.

So off we go to Toys R Us, or We B Toys (as Kyle likes to call it) and begin the extravaganza. Of course, we have to stop every 3 minutes to remind Kyle that we are shopping for Zachary-not him! We brought Zachary along so we could "test" things out on him and see how he liked it, because, hey, he won't remember seeing it in the store! Anyway, we found one of those Elmo Live dolls that talks and laughs and Z LOVED it. But it was 50 dollars. For a toy he MIGHT play with a few months. And, not an outside toy. Just couldn't justify that. So we went to the section of BIG toys for outside and there it was-the perfect little, Radio Flyer, red wagon. It was a plastic one with flaps that fold up and down to make it a two-seater. It even had seatbelts and drinkholders. Fancy. Best part? It was marked 20 DOLLARS DOWN! We took Zachary for a "test-ride" around the store, and he had a blast. So, we decided that was it. Unfortunately for us, the store decided that was not it, as the display wagon was the only one they had left. And that was the last day of the sale price. Off we left VERY sad. Until...hey, we live in a big town. With another We B Toys across the city. Quick call the store #2 and whadda ya know? They have exactly ONE red wagon left! HOLD FOR MOSES, PLEASE! The wagon was now ours again, WITH the sale price!

So, if you know me well at all, you know I am horrible with surprises and have no patience to wait for them. So one afternoon a few days later Zachary was being kinda cranky, so I suggested to Kyle that there was no sense in that wagon sitting in the box in the garage when this kid could be out riding it! I twisted his arm far enough that he drug the box out of the garage and began putting it together (with Zachary's help, of course!)

Helping Daddy push the wagon outside for the very first time!

This is relaxing!

I think he likes it!
(Sorry, these are not our best shots, but our Internet has been down, so you're getting to see the 'ol cell phone shots!)

So, now the wagon walk has become a new ritual at our house. Since Daddy is at work 5 nights a week, Mommy and Zackie (and Daddy when he's off!) are now going on wagon walks after dinner and before "Wheel" comes on. (He LOVES Wheel of Fortune! He is like mesmorized by it and will play quietly while it's on. It's a good winding down activity for him, and it allows Mommy to get some stuff done before bath and bedtime.)

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