Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ode to the Snot-Sucker

So a few months ago I came home from work and Kyle had Zachary in his lap, just relaxing. As I step closer, I notice that Zachary has, of all things!, the snot-sucker in his hand and he is just going to town playing with it! Immediately, I'm freaking out that my baby is playing with a snot-sucker (I mean, we DO have real toys for him!) but Kyle just simply says, "He likes it." So the more I think about it, it is a great toy. First of all, either way you hold it, it's easy to grasp. Second of all, it's been a GREAT teether/chew toy. And hey, it is kinda of cute! So the snot-sucker (which is clean and has actually never been used to suck snot) now stays in Zachary's toy basket, and is almost always one of the first toys he pulls out to play with. In fact, lately he has even taken a few naps with his beloved! So, thank you snot-sucker, for bringing so much joy to my little boy!

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