Monday, April 13, 2009

Hoppy Easter!

Yesterday we celebrated Zachary's first Easter. He was very excited, I'm sure....Anyway, he slept in Sunday morning, so we rushed to get him ready in his Sunday Easter clothes (dress shirt, khakis, and his first tie!) so we could get to worship services on time, so we had to save pictures for after church.

After church we went to Mom-Mommys and Grandpas house for a family Easter dinner. When we got there, cousin Matthew and Zachary got their Easter baskets from Mom-Mommy and Grandpa and then (as best they could/would) posed for some pictures. The boys got matching outfits they could wear this summer on our vacation and Zachary got some new bath toys. Then Uncle Kevin "hid" some eggs around the yard so the boys could go on an Egg Hunt. Matthew kept finding eggs and "cracking" them, like you do with a real egg--so cute! Of course, Zachary needed Mommy and Daddy's help to find his eggs. He got some money for his piggy bank and some candy, which he shared with Mommy! Zachary also got an Easter basket from us: some bendable bunnies (which have made for great teethers!), some new blocks for stacking and, again, teething, and his first Bible!

Afterwards, we all went inside for a big Easter dinner: ham, green beans, baked beans, homemade macaroni and cheese, yeast rolls, coleslaw, deviled eggs (that were forgotten until after the meal--oops!), and peach cobbler for dessert....YUM...sorry, Zachary didnt get to eat any this year! He is just starting on some finger foods, like crackers and Gerber puffs, and some cereals, too. But it won't be long because that boy is eating!

He had his 8 month birthday Wednesday, and I took him to my nursing group and he weighs 19 pounds now! We can't get an exact measurement, but he is (we think) 28 1/4 inches long. Speaking of how big he is getting, Zachary finally has shown an interest in crawling and pulling up. He has been sitting up on his own for over 2 months now, and has been able to scoot around...backwards...if we lay him on his tummy. But this week he has been paerfecting getting from his bottom to his tummy without falling and spent almost the entire day yesterday pulling up on Daddy (notice I said Daddy, he didn't want Mommy to do it!) As soon as he did it, he would just giggle like crazy--he is so proud of himself! Another one of his new tricks is waving bye-bye. He has probably really been doing this about 2 weeks now, but I wasn't sure if he understood what he was doing, but now I know he knows! He even waved bye-bye to me last week before I left for work--so cute, but heartbreaking, too! Well, that is all. Hope you and yours had a great Easter, too!

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