Thursday, April 30, 2009

My 25 (In Other Words, I Spent WAY too Much Time on This Blog and PLEASE Someone Waste Your Time Reading IT!)

No, this is not the "25 Random Things About Me" post that everyone started a few months ago, although I have done that...maybe I'll post it another day. However, if you're on Facebook at all, you've probably recently seen these Top 5 lists that people keep doing. Sometimes I see a list someone else has done and create my own top 5, just for the fun of it (and random memories).

So, in honor of my 25th Blog, I now present you with My Top 5 "Top 5" Lists: (BTW, it would not easily copy and paste over from Facebook, so I am painstakingly taking the time to re-create them. Yes, because I really have THAT much free time, haha!
5 Jobs I've Had:
1. Picture Framer-My very first job, Jessie's Art Gallery and Custom Framing. I learned how to frame pictures. It was awesome. Definitely not your typical first job. After my first week I had a bandaid on every finger and some with two from cutting myself on the glass. But I got a lot of cool things framed while I worked there. And they had a store next door that selled Beanie Babies, which at the time was a great way to blow my paycheck. I had to quit because we moved. :(
2. Winn-Dixie cashier-THE. WORST. JOB. EVER! Thankfully I only had to work it for a summer (the summer before I left for college). All I remember about it are the cheesy training videos they made you watch that were from at least the 80's and the dreams, or should I say, nightmares? Rolling conveyor belts full of hot dogs, beer, and icecream, rolling in my brain, over and over and OVER.

3. Daycare Center Assistant-Ok, this is a job I've had more times than any. First, I volunteered almost every day for a year at a daycare. Then, I worked another daycare one summer while I took classes. Take a group of kids to Chuck E. Cheese...go take a final 30 minutes later...UGH. I also worked at both preschools at my college. These were much more pleasant experiences, and those kids were absolutely precious!

4. Kindergarten Teacher-3 years. 1 bad experience, 1 good (well, except for being incredibly sick most of the year due to the growing fetus in my uterus!) ALL precious children, even little Jose who spat on me, cussed at me, and kicked me. I often had, still have a love/hate relationship with teaching. I'm sure I'll go back one of these days...maybe...
5. Accouting Assistant-My current job. Most days, I have NO idea what I'm doing. But, I do know a lot more about how to read a bank statement and can even reconcile your bank account, although I have no idea what that really means!

Top 5 Places I Have Lived:
BTW, this is not a list of ALL the places I have lived, only 5 that have had the most significance or importance in my life.
1. Mathis, Texas-This is the first place I ever lived, and also the first placed I lived after I got married. Same house, too.
2. Peterborough, England-This is the longest I ever lived in one place (7 years!)
3. St. Albans, West Virginia-The awkward teenage years occurred here. But I have so many great memories despite that, and I still keep in touch with a lot of the people.
4. North Augusta, South Carolina-Although I technically only lived here 1 1/2 years, it is the place where I graduated from High School AND my parents still live here, so we do return some.
5. Ooltewah, Tennessee-Obviously my current location. And where I plan on staying for a LONG, LONG time. It's also the place where Kyle grew up.

Top 5 Toys from My Childhood:
1. Barbie Camper-The best Christmas present. EVER. The camper came apart and transformed into a jeep with REAL seatbelts. There was also a REAL dinner table in the camper with REAL kitchenware. I would seriously give anything to have this back. Oh, and it was PINK.
2. My Little Pony Castle-I spent many hours playing with my ponies in this castle.
3. Puppy Surprise-How many puppies are there inside? There can be 3, or 4, or 5! Boo ya-I got ALL FIVE PUPPIES! I feel bad for the people who only got 3, they totally got jipped!

4. Sylvanian Families-Don't know if this is only an English toy set or not...they are small, figurines or different animals that made up different families in a community. Kinda like Richard Scarry books, but different.

5. Quints-These dolls were like 3 inches high, and no, you couldn't get jipped on this toy because everyone got 5, that's why they call them Quints, people! The best thing about this toy was when you gave each Quint his or her bottle (with REAL water) they would pee and the number they were (1-5) would show on their diaper. And it would be wet.

5 Movies I Grew Up Watching:

1. The Sound of Music-Only the best movie ever. Honestly, I learned to use the VCR as a child because of this movie. This was back when it was on 2 VHS tapes. As soon as the almost 3 hour movie was over, I'd rewind it and watch it again. Did I mention I was 3? I would love to have a daughter and name her Liesel, or Gretal.

2. Mary Poppins-Do we see the Julie Andrews theme? She is my idol! And Mary Poppins is a close 2nd. It is the perfect combination of childhood splendor and grown-up themes. I still break down like a baby at the end when Mr. Banks finally takes the children to go fly a kite. Seriously. I lose all control.

3. My Fair Lady-What can I say, I love musicals! Did you know Julie Andrews was the original Eliza Doolittle? But, Audrey Hepburn did a great job, too! Another movie that takes place in England, I could probably relate. But why was a 5 year old watching this movie and enjoying it?
4. Top Gun-This is my brother's doing. He was obsessed with flying and airplanes, and I knew Tom Cruise was doing something dirty in that bedroom, but I had nooooooooooo idea back then what it was! Oh, and I read today that the "girl" he was in the room with is now a lesbian. Wonderful.

5. Dirty Dancing-Okay, technically I was not allowed to watch this movie growing up, but I somehow found a way to sneak in when my older brothers were watching. Because nobody puts baby in the corner.

The Final 5....these were not posted on Facebook. I just made them up. So there. My Top 5...Yearbook Pictures!

1. Senior Year-Okay, this is actually probably the only good one I'm going to share. The rest are a joke.

2. 4th grade-Don't you love the big ribbon bow ON THE SIDE OF MY HEAD?!

3. 6th grade-Gotta love those big BLUE glasses. Yeah, I did, too.

4. Preschool/Kindergarten-Not really sure what "year" this was, because I was still in British schools then. But check out my right eye. Lovely, puffy red from my giant cornea scratch that has literally scarred me for life.

5. 5th grade-Yes, I am guilty. I took the scissors to my hair. What can I say? I wanted to be a hairstylist for a day.

And because I can't figure out how to delete a picture and it's LATE, you get a double shot of the bang trimming gone bad!
Happy Blogging!

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Stephanie said...

I'm with ya on the Sound of Music! My kids love that one, too. I love the last picture - thanks for the double shot...