Monday, April 13, 2009

Mommy and Daddy Take a Night Off

This last weekend Kyle was on his 5 days off. He only gets this "special" set of days off every 3 months (which means, 4 times a year). Otherwise, he ALWAYS works Fridays AND has court every Friday morning on top of that! Well, not this weekend! So, we asked Mom-Mommy and Grandpa to keep little Z so that Mommy and Daddy could have some special time to themselves. I told Kyle to plan something good, and he outdid himself!

Friday afternoon we took Zachary over to his grandparents house and when we left it started storming REALLY bad. It was actually some wind from a tornado that was sweeping through parts of TN (and I'm sure other places). So, off we go driving through near-tornado like weather to downtown Chattanooga and we arrive at a beautiful Bed & Breakfast, just as the storms are clearing up. I didn't really want to leave further from Chattanooga since I'm still nursing Zachary and didn't want to have any major problems come up that we couldn't get to him quickly! The B&B is in an old house, known as the Mayor's Mansion, and it was just beautiful! The room we stayed in was covered in floral wallpaper with high ceilings, and the bed was made into a canopy with the same material as the wallpaper. We got checked into the room and about that time we had pizza delivered for a night in with pizza and Marley & Me. May not sound very fancy for a B&B, but it was a perfect night in for us, with no interruptions. By the way, Marley & Me was good, but the book is SOooooo much better. I reccommend you read it!

After the movie we ran out to a downtown coffee shop for dessert and then returned back to the B&B to relax in the 300 gallon bathtub--you read that right, 300 gallons! I'm glad we didn't have to pay that water bill because we ended up using it twice! So relaxing....I hope one day we can afford to get a big bathtub like that in our house!

Of course, we slept wonderfully that night (and surprising, Zachary did, too, at his grandparents!) and we woke up to have a special breakfast before we checked out. After we left, we went by the mall to finish shopping for Zachary's Easter basket and stayed and ate lunch at Red Robin (it's a great hamburger place that serves endless french fries-two of Kyle's favorites!). After lunch we rushed to go pick up our baby who we missed sooooo much, and of course, he was still taking his morning nap when we got there.

It was a wonderful weekend for Mommy and Daddy (and I'm sure Zachary had fun, too!) With mine and Kyle's work schedule, we don't get to see each other very much at all, and when we do, we always have Zachary, of course, so it was a special treat to get to do that.

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