Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Teething: The (Never-Ending) Story of My Life

Yes, it's true. We are teething, yet AGAIN. Since the beginning of March, Zachary has cut a tooth every 2-3 weeks, only he cuts just ONE tooth at a time. All the signs are there: not wanting to eat his solids sometimes, not nursing off of one side (which can get REALLY frustrating!), and the tell-tale (is that right?) sign: WAKING UP ALL THE TIME. Sigh...Zachary does NOT get fevers while teething, and he does NOT get nasty, runny, diapers, he just WILL NOT sleep unless he is being held.

So, after he cut his last tooth (that would be his 4th, the top front right) on April 15th, yes that's tax day, the busiest day of the year for me at work, we got a 4 day break of really good sleeping...and then it started all over again. By the way, shout out to Daddy for getting up with him all night when he cut that tooth so Mommy could get some sleep.

Anyways, last night I'd just had it. He woke up at 2:00 and would not go back to sleep, even after Motrin before bed, Orajel, and rocking for almost an hour. So, I put on my big girl panties and decided we were gonna let him cry it out. We have tried this before, but normally after 10 or 15 minutes I just can't take it anymore, because Zachary does not "cry" it out, he SCREAMS it out. Heartbreaking. But last night I felt it neccessary. So I laid him in his bed, told him it was night-night time, gave him his paci (which he really is not fond of at night when he's teething) and left. Of course he immediately begins screaming, so there's no need to turn on the baby monitor because we are literally in the next room and it sounded like we were in the same! So, I let him cry (scream) for 10 minutes, went back in, picked him up, let him clam down, gave him his paci, and then put him back to screaming (bed). This continued for about 45 minutes, and I didn't know how much more I could take because he was still screaming, not down to a wimper at all. But, I'd never stuck it out this long so I figured I better stick to it now.

Then, out of nowhere, the screaming stopped. I held my breath. For like, 5 minutes. Seriously. And I never heard him again. So I tiptoed into his room, put his blanket back over him (bless his heart, he was all turned around in his crib-does anyone else ALWAYS lay their babies facing a certain way?) and put his paci near him in case he wanted it later, and most importantly made sure he was still breathing after all that screaming (He was). And then I didn't hear from him again until 7:30 this morning for breakfast! Hooray-we survived our first REAL night of Crying (screaming)-It-Out. Now, what will we have in store tonight....? Luckily for me, Kyle has in-service all this week, which means he has class everyday from 8-5:00 and does not work his normal 4-12:00 (and normally way beyond that) shift. Which means, we get to suffer through this together this week! Say a prayer for us!

***Oh, and I have NO pictures to go with this post, because despite Zachary having 4 teeth he will not show them off long enough for us to take a picture of them. Maybe after tooth 5, which will probably be at least another 2 weeks...***


Stephanie said...

Hey, girl! Some may disagree, but I think letting both of our kiddos "cry it out" was the best thing we ever did! It was horrible and hard, but so worth it! Give it 3 or 4 good nights (maybe you won't even need that many), and you will be amazed at how it is less and less each night. Like you said, if they're fed, dry, medicated, and tired, what else can you do? Good luck - keep me posted.

Brittany said...

We finally had to do that with Hudson. I like you couldn't take it either but I knew that I had too. He sometimes cries for 45 minutes but that is as far as I let to go and then I get him. This is working at night but we haven't gotten it to work for nap time yet. As long as he is sleeping good at night, I am happy! But I admit I go check on him alot in the night!!I use to give him his passy too, but I think that just makes him mad so now I just let him cry:)