Monday, December 28, 2009

Creating and Discovering...for Free!!

Zachary has had a very big and busy past few days! The day before Christmas Eve, the Creative Discovery Museum downtown had free admission for the holidays, so since Kyle and I are both home during the day on Wednesdays, we took Zachary to go play for awhile. You can't pass up free!! This was Zachary's 2nd trip to the museum. The first time was right after his first birthday, a few days before he really started walking, but I had forgotten to bring my camera that day.

There is plenty to do at the museum, but some of the events and activities are for kids a little bit older. However, there is one section called The Little Yellow House that is perfect for toddlers, so that was where we spent the majority of our time. It is set up just like a huge play house, with all the rooms like a kitchen, playground, tool shed, dog house, flower garden, etc.

We ventured out of the Little Yellow House for a bit, and let Zachary lead us to where he wanted to go. We had planned to avoid the water area this day, but that was not the case!! He loves the water and loves to play in it! I think he looks so cute in that little smock!

Back at the Yellow House, Zachary gets busy doing his chores: sweeping, cooking, and then both at the same time!! He loved those little brooms, which was great since Santa was bringing one for Christmas!

Zachary loved playing at the Museum and we plan on using some of his Christmas money to get him a year membership so we can go play whenever we want to, especially while it is too cold to go outside!

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