Monday, December 28, 2009

Twas the Day After Christmas...and we were still Celebrating!

The day after Christmas the rest of the Moses clan came to Chattanooga to celebrate. Ken's brothers don't have children, so Kyle and Kevin (now Zachary and Matthew) are spoiled like if they did have children. Kim fixed a delicious Christmas dinner and this year we all ate in the garage so everyone would have enough room and not be squished! Ken spent the last few weeks clearing up the garage, painting, buffing, you name it! They put a heater out there so everyone stayed warm and of course Kim had the tables fixed up very pretty.

Of course after we ate it was time for presents-again! Zachary was taking his afternoon snooze during most of these and joined us at the end. Here are some of the highlights!

The 3 oldest of the Moses generation.

Matthew opening his BIG gift.

Kim and all her Pandora bracelet loot!

Sam, Kevin & Jamie's dog.

Matthew enjoying the big gift box!!

The BIG gift! A Pottery Barn chair!

More Elmo DVD's--WAHOO!!
We all stocked up big and after this one we were definitely all Christmased out!! We all got lots of nice things, and were blessed beyond measure for sure! But I definitely think Zachary scored the is most of his Christmas loot!
Now, where do I put all of this?!

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