Monday, December 28, 2009

Twas the Day Before Christmas...

Kyle was on his 7 days the week of Christmas, so since we would be busy with all our other Christmas celebrations Friday and Saturday, we decided to do our family Christmas a day early so we could take the time to enjoy it!

As promised, a picture of the completed tree!

We woke up Thursday morning and made a special Christmas Eve breakfast: pancakes from scratch that we cut into fun Christmas shapes, turkey bacon, and Zachary's favorite-Eggs!

Yay, good breakfast Mom & Dad!

(I think he ate 3 or 4 pancakes that morning! With syrup, of course!!)

After we cleaned up from breakfast, we opened up our presents from each other, much to Kyle's disappointment. He likes waiting to open them on Christmas Day, but like I said, we would be so busy the next few days, we wouldn't have time to at home! I thought maybe this year Zachary would be more interested in tearing open the wrapping paper, but he still had to be prodded a lot and Mommy ended up opening up most of his gifts for him!!

From us, Zachary got a Tool Box with some tools (plastic, of course!), a shopping basket with play food, his own broom and dust pan, and a gas pump to use with his big present...

Kyle got me several picture frames, which he had filled with Zachary's special pictures from Reflection Riding.

I got Kyle some long johns he needed for work, so he can stay warm this Winter! And I also got him a 4 disc set of the Police Academy movies! Speaking of cops...THIS is Zachary when he saw his BIG present for the first time!!
Complete with the big red bow!!

I think he likes it!!

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