Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Trimming the Tree

We were good little boys and girls and waited until December 1st this year to put up our tree. We weren't quite sure how it all was going to go with a little toddler this year!

Here is a look at our tree when Zachary first saw it. While he napped, we put it on the stand, got the lights on, and decorated it with bows.

Checking out the tree...quite mesmorized!

Getting ready to hang his first ornament on the tree-with Mommy's help!!

Not the finished product...but close!
We didn't put near as many ornaments on our tree this year. And we kept the bottom third of the tree all soft ornaments-for Zachary's sake AND the cats! Zachary got to help decorate the tree, too! I unwrapped the ornaments, he took them to Daddy, and Daddy hung them up-it was so much fun having him help us this year!! I know lots of special memories are being made this Christmas!

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