Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas Day!

Christmas Eve night Zachary and I headed over to MomMommy and Brapaw's house since Daddy had to work. I helped them do some baking and wrapping before heading to bed to wait on Santa. (BTW, Santa got in about 3:00 and had a big, icing COVERED cookie from the Piece-of-Cake Bakery waiting on him. Santa liked. =)

It has become our tradition that Christmas morning, we all go to my in-laws for a Christmas breakfast and then open presents. Kim fixed the traditional breakfast casserole and Ken made the gravy. I think Bi-Lo made the biscuits. =)

Breaskfast was delicious as usual, but not without incident. Matthew got choked on a piece of bacon and Brapaw had to do the hind-leg remover on him. A little scary...but we all recovered enough to go open presents!

This is me acting really excited for Zachary's new Elmo toy.
This is definitely the year of Elmo (in case you didn't know!)

This picture CRACKS ME UP!
He loves to prop up his feet, just like his Daddy!

Matthew was very excited to open all his gifts, and was even excited for Zachary's, too.
Zachary got en Elmo shape-sorter, some much needed new socks, puzzles, a Little People play house, an Elmo driving toy, and a Little Tikes tool workbench.
I got the latest Nicholas Sparks book (finally!), a giftcard to Victoria's Secret (bye-bye nursing bras!), and moo-la.
Kyle got some incredibly soft and comfy pajama pants (which I will be stealing ASAP), a TN shirt, a TN nightlight, and more moo-la.
We also got lots of fun stocking stuffers, including a giftcard to Barrel of Crackers. The best stocking stuffer was this....
Zachary's first sucker!
He wasn't real sure about it at first, but once we hid the M&M Mini's and he saw cousin Matthew going to town on his own sucker, Zachary didn't put it down! They played and looked at all their new presents, all the while making a terribly sticky mess!!

After the Moses Christmas, we all went home to take naps before heading out to Kyle's grandparents house for the Wilkerson family Christmas. I have no pictures of this. Mainly because once we ate, Kyle had to leave for work and I couldn't take pictures and keep up with Zachary at the same time! Needless to say, we ate a WONDERFUL dinner, had LOTS of family, and opened even MORE gifts! I think the highlight from this evening was watching Matthew and Zachary play together, and Zachary getting his new baby Elmo doll! He took it, layed down on the floor on top of it, and kissed it all over! Christmas was a very fun-filled, food-filled, present-filled day, but the best part was spending time with the family.

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