Monday, December 14, 2009

Halloween in December

So, yeah...I've got some catching up to do! Back in October, we were invited to the Annual Appleby Halloween Party. Because they are trying to sell their house, she held the party at one of Chattanooga's great parks. I had been to Vandergriff park on a field trip a few years ago, so I knew my little spider would love it!

He wore his costume the entire time at the park!

This was the only picture I could get of him looking. I yelled, "ELMO!" really fast, and he looked right as I snapped this picture. Being extremely active and Elmo are pretty much two of Zachary's favorite things these days! The Appleby's had yummy Halloween treats for the party, but my little spider was happier to be running around and climbing on all the equipment, rather than sit down to eat!

Our first stop trick-or-treating was MomMommy and Brampa's house! Last year, cousin Matthew was the spider and kindly let us borrow his costume this year. Why not?! They have no idea yet!

Having a meltdown because he had to be still for a picture!
After the boys got special treat bags from MomMommy, Aunt Jamie and I (both Daddies had to work) took the boys to the mall to go eat some supper. Then we visited Memaw and Papa's house for some more trick-or-treating fun. When we got there, the boys just thought we were there to play. I don't have any pictures from there because my battery died, but Zachary just climbed on their rocking horse is his cotume! Once we left there, we were heading home to go trick-or-treat around the neighborhood, but my little spider man fell asleep on the way home! So, that was the end of our trick-or-treating experience this year! Oh, and let's just say Zachary LOVES M&M's!

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