Monday, December 14, 2009

Reflection Riding

When we were choosing where to have Zachary's one year pictures taken, this one of the top places on our list. Even though Kyle has lived here practically all his life, he'd never even heard of it. My boss told me about it and it's Beautiful! Especially in the fall. So we decided to go out and try some not-so-professional photography shots with Zachary. Out of about 150 pictures, here are a few of my favorites (mainly because these are the few you can actually see his face in...kind of...)

He had no idea we were trying to take pictures. He just thought this was a super big playground!

Little blond head!

Yes, he has his paci in every picture! Would NOT take it out that day! Probably a good thing, though. That week he had fallen two different times and gotten big boo-boos on his mouth. The paci actually kinda helped to cover them up!

All he needed was a little fishin' pole in his hand!

My two favorite boys. This picture is priceless to me.
If you'd like to check out more about Reflection Riding, or visit it sometime, go visit their website here:

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